This is a challenge for a prototyping course – we needed to give a solution for a problem and demonstrate our 3D prototype. Our team explored problem space in the senior community, and targeted on the gaps between senior people’s motivation to continue learning and their physical constraints.

“We are interested in helping the elderly community.”

UX Team:
Felicitas Kofler
Haitong Ye
Jocelyn Bellas


Our Design Solution

escola - Design Solution

Design Process

Design Process

Escola - Research

Escola - Persona

Design Goals

 Interaction Framework



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Searching for an Watching a Class by Voice Command


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Joining a Group Class and Inviting Friends


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Receiving a Message and Searching for Recommended Topics


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What I learned 

  • Goal-Directed Design Process
  • Design Thinking: Empathize – Define – Ideate – Prototype – Testing
  • User-centered design ideation methodologies: brainstorming/brainwriting/braindrawing
  • Design Tools: sketching/wireframing/prototyping
  • How to Design Good Experience for Seniors