Haitong Ye


VI Story


My Visual Identity Story

Component: Letter “T” and letter “H”

Color: Orange Red and Green Blue

Shape: Inspired by the shape of a minimalistic Japanese Torii (literally bird abode)

The Meaning: 

The letter “H” represents “Hai”, while the letter “T” represents “Tong”. In Chinese language, each character possesses a signification. My father, who studied art, gave me this three-character name – Ye Hai Tong. 

Significations of these three characters:

  • Ye (family name) – leafs
  • Hai – sea
  • Tong – red color of the sunlight

According to him, it is a picturesque name like a colorful painting. Therefore in this logo blue color is applied to “H”, and red is applied to “T”. The cold and calm “H” is placed on the bottom as a steady foundation, just as the base of a good experience design should be solid researches and studies. The warm and bright “T” on the top is like the spirit of creativity, just as design ideas without boundaries.

I am very happy to incorporate the shape of a Japanese bird abode into my visual identity. A Torii is the entrance to a shrine or a temple in Japan, marking transitions from profane to the sacred. To me, it is a symbol of peace of minds, principles and spirits – these are very important for designers. Moreover, designs are culturally-specific. In fact, it is also what differentiates me because I am from another culture filled with other design elements. The beauty of crossing-cultures is being more understandable of human commonalities and differences, as well as knowing how to borrow design wisdom from different places and fusion them.

I find it very rewarding to keep learning and improving myself in this direction.

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